Amiqus and LawWare build integration

Amiqus is pleased to share a newly built integration with another leading legal practice management partner, LawWare. We have been working together to build an integration that will enable LawWare users to benefit from an easy-to-use path between the LawWare practice management system and Amiqus’ AML product. In practical terms, this means that LawWare users can now access all the benefits of the Amiqus platform at the click of a button.

The integration will allow any Amiqus requests to clients to be generated through the LawWare software. There will be a clear audit trail of completion, once results are received back from clients and reviewed by the solicitor or fee earner. The market-leading Amiqus platform will also allow the end users (law firm clients) to complete the requested information from any device, and at a time that is convenient for them – a key factor for faster turnaround times that firms and clients enjoy. 

Gregor Angus, Senior Business Development Manager at Amiqus, has said:

“At Amiqus, we are passionate about partnerships and the benefits of collaboration. This integration with LawWare enables users to gain access to a secure, easy-to-use AML and KYC platform, significantly reducing manual admin, while at the same time ensuring watertight compliance from a regulatory perspective. With the ever-increasing and updating regulations that law firms are required to keep up with, in the AML context, we believe that this collaboration will allow firms to do things not just digitally, but also more efficiently and securely – ensuring that they can get to work on the most important stuff, such as delivering legal advice more quickly. We look forward to welcoming many more LawWare user firms to the Amiqus user base.”

Gregor Angus, Senior Business Development Manager, Amiqus

Amiqus works closely with many regulators in the legal sector across the UK, including a strategic partnership with the Law Society of Scotland, ensuring regulatory compliance is at its core. It is continuously developed to ensure that will users benefit from technological advances or comply with changes in regulation. Simon Greig, Director at LawWare, commented:

There is no doubt that Fee Earners are under growing pressures from clients (and regulators) to deliver more, more quickly and reduce fees – all at the same time. It has therefore become necessary to utilise as many time saving functions that will support Fee Earners get on with the legal work that satisfies client demand and uncouple from increasing levels of (unpaid) admin where excellent alternatives are available. Engaging the clients to assist with the logical aspects of progressing their case is perfectly reasonable as they are oftentimes more than capable. For the occasions where a client needs more support, engage with them to deliver this, but it becomes the exception rather than the norm. AML and Source of Funds evidence submission and verification are great examples of where this needs to happen.

Simon Greig, Director, LawWare

The Amiqus and LawWare integration is available now to any LawWare user firm that is using the LawWare V5 software. Get in touch with or for more information.