Commercial Law Network partners up with Amiqus to help with AML registration process

The Law Society of Scotland has outlined new requirements for its members to meet by 26th June 2018 which stipulates that each beneficial owner, manager or officer of a firm must submit an ‘application for approval’, including a current Disclosure Scotland certificate.

Commercial Law Network is pleased to have partnered with the team at Amiqus to make the process of completing these checks efficient and secure. Amiqus ID allows firms to easily request and send Basic Disclosure checks online, saving time and money and reducing complicated paperwork collation and submission. Amiqus are offering members of the Commercial Law Network a discounted subscription cost and fixed-rate credits, ensuring that your firm can handle the latest update to compliance process.

What is Amiqus ID?

Amiqus ID is powered by Amiqus Resolution Ltd, an award-winning software company with an international team in Scotland, England, Ireland and Portugal. Their first product Amiqus ID makes it easier for people to undergo identity and anti-money laundering checks online.

How does it work?

Before now, to undergo a Basic Disclosure check, individual staff members would either have to fill in a paper form and provide hard copies of personal documents, or complete and pay for the Disclosure Scotland process individually and bring their certificate to work.

With an Amiqus ID Disclosure Account, your firm can now issue multiple Basic Disclosure checks to staff via a secure email link – enabling staff to complete checks at home or at work, using their own device and saving their progress as they go.

What are the benefits?

With an Amiqus ID Disclosure Account, you can manage and maintain records of your firm’s Basic Disclosure process from start to finish, in one secure online account – with permission settings, two-factor authentication, data encryption and data backup all included as standard to help you comply with the latest data privacy regulation.

As an approved authoriser of disclosure checks, you will receive the indicative results of each check immediately in your Amiqus ID account, with final Basic Disclosure certificates sent directly to your office by post.

Another advantage of using Amiqus ID is that each Basic Disclosure check is paid for in credits, which are added to your account within 24 hours of payment. This enables you to buy enough credits to make several checks at a time, rather than paying for each check individually or handling expense claims.


Amiqus is providing Commercial Law Network members a Staff Disclosure account at a monthly cost of £19.50 which allows the capture of photo ID documents and Basic Disclosure checks.

A Basic Disclosure Check costs £30, of which £25 is a direct cost to Disclosure Scotland.

If you’re interested in securely issuing, tracking and monitoring the status of your firm’s Basic Disclosure requests through Amiqus ID, you can sign-up for a free demo with Lucie.

If you decide to set up an Amiqus ID Disclosure Account after your demo, you’ll be taken through the process to become an ‘approved authoriser’ of Disclosure Scotland checks, which takes approximately five working days and costs a one off fee of £15.

Why is this necessary?

Becoming an approved authoriser – or countersignatory of Basic Disclosure checks – means that Basic Disclosure certificates can be sent to your firm directly by post, rather than to individual staff members or to Amiqus.

For more information contact: or arrange a demo with Lucie.


*Usual Amiqus ID account cost; £38 per month, £3.50 per credit.