Launch of the New Director Information Hub

A new Directors Information Hub (the “Hub”) has been launched by the Insolvency Service to provide guidance and support for company directors.

The Hub went live on 7 July 2023,  designed for directors of small-medium size limited companies to help them navigate their responsibility and decision making by giving them access to a wide range of information, tools and guidance. Some of the key features include its collection of articles, webinars, case studies and links to relevant legislation. The Hub covers lots of topics including:

  • Starting a company;
  • Duties, responsibilities and obligations as a director;
  • Company finances;
  • Identifying the signs of company distress;
  • Company turnaround; and
  • Company insolvency

Leane Webb, project lead at the Insolvency Service, said:

Our research found that too many company directors struggled to locate the existing guidance that they needed, and it was often complicated or overwhelming when they did”.

We hope this new one-stop shop provides the solution and helps directors take their companies in a positive direction”.

The Hub serves as a very useful online resource for directors seeking to develop their knowledge and skills in corporate governance. The Hub will allow directors to make informed decisions, contribute effectively and uphold high standards of business. 

If you have clients who are directors in small-medium sized limited companies – you may find this useful. Otherwise, our Corporate team are very experienced in advising businesses, directors and individuals on the topics covered in the Hub. Should you require any assistance, please contact